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Ebike No Pedals

Electric Bikes Without Pedals: What You Need To Know

Ebikes are an increasingly popular alternative to cars, and for good reason. They’re an affordable means of transport, balance exercise with speedy travel, allow you to avoid traffic during your commute, and are good for the environment to boot. It’s no surprise that the popularity of ebikes has skyrocketed

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Charging Electric Bike

How To Charge An Electric Bike

If you own or are thinking about purchasing an electric bike, you might have wondered how you would charge the bike itself. Electric bikes all use rechargeable batteries that let them travel at incredible speeds. Each bike model will differ slightly in how they are charged

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Fast Electric Bike

How To Make an Ebike Faster

Do you want to make your ebike faster but aren’t sure how? Maybe you have heard you can make e-bikes go faster and want to know if it is true? Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever your question might be, we have the answers for you!

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Riding Bike In The Rain

Can You Ride An Ebike In The Rain?

Have you purchased an e-bike and want to know if you can ride it in the rain? Maybe you have heard e-bikes can’t be used in the rain and want to know if it is true? Or are you curious and want to know more?

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Electric Bike

How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh?

Are you considering purchasing an electric bike and want to know how much they weigh? Maybe you have heard electric bikes are heavy and want to know if that is true or not? Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever your question is, we have the answer for you!

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City Ebike

Do You Need A License For A Electric Bike

Electric bikes have become popular in recent years as they are a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to other modes of transportation such as cars, buses, or trains. Finding alternative modes of transportation is ideal for city living as it allows more freedom and plenty of exercise!

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Zugo Rhino Ebike

Zugo Bike Review: Zugo Rhino Fat Tire Ebike

Zugo Bike Review: Zugo Rhino Fat Tire Ebike If you are in the market for an electric bike then you have probably heard of the Zugo Rhino. There’s been a lot of buzz about this bike and it certainly one to consider. But how do you know if it is the right bike for you?  We have reviewed the Zugo

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Woman on an Ebike

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 If you are in the market for an electric bike but you don’t have a lot of money to spend then you can still get an amazing product for less than $1000. We have put together this list of the best electric bikes for under $1000 to help you find the right product. We have

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Off Road Ebike

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? How fast or slow a typical bike can travel depends on the energy exerted on the pedals. A cyclist can be particularly slow or very fast, based on the amount of effort they put into the journey. The cyclist has total control over their speed and can switch between speeds easily when using a

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Speedrid Mountain Ebike

Speedrid eBike Review: Buyer’s Guide

Speedrid eBike Review: Buyer’s Guide E-bikes or electric bikes are modified versions of conventional bicycles as they run on an electric charge. These bikes aim at making riding effortless, convenient, and more fun. Numerous types of e-bikes can be used for both sporty and casual riding. E-bikes are attached to a powerful motor and battery that propel their movement. Many

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Swagtron Electric Bike

Swagtron eBike Review: Buyer’s Guide

Swagtron eBike Review: Buyer’s Guide We decided to make Swagtron eBike Review because Swagtron is mainly known for their hoverboards and when you need to find some info about bikes, it is quite complicated. Swagtron is one of the leaders on “e-market”. They produce skateboards, scooters, hoverboards and ebikes. What do we like about their bikes, it is very wide

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DJ Folding Electric Bike

DJ Bikes Review: Buyer’s Guide

DJ Bikes Review: Buyer’s Guide E-bikes from one of Canada’s fifty fastest growing startups are popular for many reasons. First of all, this is the high quality of the frames (lifetime warranty) and the use of components from very famous brands – Shimano gears, batteries from LG, forks from Mozo, and so on. Secondly, it’s great value for money, each

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Sohoo Fat Tire Ebike

Sohoo Electric Bike Review – Buyer’s Guide

Sohoo Electric Bike Review Sohoo electric bikes can, undoubtedly, be seen as a revolutionizing element of the transport world. These bikes can be used for various styles and purposes of riding. The electricity-powered riding mechanism offered by e-bikes makes them highly convenient and comfort-loaded. Cruising is a very popular type of riding for which e-bikes are used. They allow very

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Macwheel Electric Bike

Macwheel Electric Bike Review: Buyer’s Guide

Macwheel Electric Bike Review: Buyer’s Guide Macwheel Electric Bike Review deserves to be published, because this bike is slowly gaining popularity. With zero-emission to nature and almost no costs on insurance, registration, and fuel, most commuters prefer to ride an electric bike. And this bike is getting more and more popular among them due to it’s quality and great user-experience.

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NCM Moscow Bike Review: Moscow vs Moscow Plus

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike NCM Moscow bike is an electric bike which is being highly preferred now by riders in many countries. This is because this e-bike possess many advanced features, like a high voltage battery, sturdy frame, assist power levels, speed customizability, etc, that make mountain biking a better and safe experience. NCM is one of the

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