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How To Make An Ebike Faster

Fast Electric Bike


Do you want to make your ebike faster but aren’t sure how? Maybe you have heard you can make e-bikes go faster and want to know if it is true? Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever your question might be, we have the answers for you! 

Finding out how to make your ebike faster can be tricky, especially if you have never owned an e-bike before. You might be afraid to get too close to your ebike motor and start fiddling about, so head online for some guidance. But you are met with conflicting and contradicting advice that leaves you unsure of where to go or who to trust. Frustrated and disappointed, you wonder if you will ever make your ebike faster. 

Well, no more! Today we are here with the answers for you! Keep reading to find out how you can make your ebike faster and everything you need to know about them! 

How Fast Can An Ebike Go?

Before we take a look at how you can make your ebike faster, let’s take a look at their top speeds! On average, electric bikes, or e-bikes, can go as fast as 20mph! That’s a good level of speed considering you only have a small motor and rechargeable battery attached to the bike! 

Some e-bikes can reach a top speed of 28mph! This is the fastest speed you can expect from an e-bike for it to be legal on the road. The rules and regulations surrounding e-bikes do vary from state to state and country to country, so be sure to double-check the rules where you live. 

Now that we have established how fast an e-bike can go, let’s move on to see how you can make them go faster. 

How To Make An Ebike Faster

There are a few things you can do to make your ebike faster. We have compiled a list of these below for you to see. Some of these might seem quite simple, but you would not believe the difference that they can make to your riding experience and top speed! We recommend trying out a few of these methods to see which is the best option for you. 

Let’s get on our list now! 

Always Use A Charged Battery 

The best way to get the top speed out of your e-bike is to only use a battery that is fully charged. As your battery loses charge, its voltage drops off, which impacts your speed. 

A fully charged battery produces 4.2V, whereas at 50% it will only produce 3.6V. While it might not sound like a huge difference, you are sure to notice it when riding! Make sure that your e-bike battery is fully charged before you head out to get the fastest speeds possible. 

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Add Air To Your Tires 

By adding more air to your tires, you will reduce the rolling resistance and increase the diameter of the wheels. This means with each wheel rotation, you go a little further than before, making your ebike faster! 

The ride quality will be rougher with this method, but you should see an increase in your speed as the bike is working with your tires rather than against them. 

Change Your Tires 

If you have off-road or mountain bike tires, change them to road tires. Road tires have lower rolling resistance and are smoother than off-road tires. This helps you to go faster, as your bike isn’t working against the tires. 

Instead, your tires will roll easily on the ground, allowing you to cover more distance quickly. Of course, if you do quite a lot of rough mountain or off-road biking, stick to your current tires to give yourself a better grip. 

Update Or Change Your Software 

Some electric bikes have a speed limiter in their settings or software. You can turn this off through the settings, by uploading different software to the bike. Doing so removes any speed limiter that would stop your e-bike from reaching faster speeds. 

There are plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to do this, depending on the software on your e-bike. We recommend searching for the make and model of your e-bike followed by a speed limiter to see what results come up. 

Remove Wired Speed Limiter 

If your e-bike has a wired speed limiter, you can also disable it. Doing so involves disconnecting the wire that attaches the speed limiter to your motor. The wire you need is usually connected to the speed controller and its position or color depends on the bike that you have. 

Again, we recommend heading online to find a tutorial that is specific to your e-bike. These are the best to help you disable your wired speed limiter without cutting the wrong wire! 

Adjust The Speed Sensor

Finally, you can adjust the speed sensor and trick it to think you are going slower! If you have a mid-drive bike, there will be a speed sensor on your back wheel which measures the speed through the motor. You can trick this sensor into thinking the bike is going slower than it is, allowing you to reach faster speeds! 

To do this, you can move the sensor to your crank. The crank usually spins slower than your rear wheel, giving the appearance you are traveling at a slower speed than you are. When you move the speed sensor, the speedometer will also no longer work, so it’s worth keeping that in mind. 

There are plenty of tutorials online you can check out to see how you can adjust the speed sensor. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, several easy hacks you can try to make your e-bike go faster! Some of these are fairly simple and can make a massive difference to the speed and riding experience you have. Make sure you keep your safety a top priority when traveling at these faster speeds and remember your protective clothing and gear! 

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