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Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review

Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit


Electric vehicles are now getting more common all over the globe, and these electric vehicles are here to stay, the problem is, electric vehicles are commonly impractical to use due to their short mileage and slow recharging times, and we know that once your EV’s battery has drained then you better have a plan. And this is the reason why we’ve made Voilamart Ebike Kit Review.

Today we are taking a look at an Ebike kit to convert your normal bicycle into an Ebike, and compared to other EV’s an ebike is more practical since when it runs out of battery then you can still go on by pedaling.

Voilamart Ebike kit Review

The product we’re taking a look for today is named Voilamart Ebike Kit, it is a motor kit that will make your bike into an ebike, this comes with everything you need to get it installed except for the battery as you will have to get those separately.

Upon unboxing you will get the wheel-hub/motor, tires, interior tube tire, pedal-assist crank sensor, twist throttle, motor controller, and a pair of brake levers, you’ll also get some cable ties and plastic coils together with a bag to keep your conversion as tidy as you can, and in this review we will get in-depth to what each component mentioned does for the whole system.

Voilamart Electric Bike Conversion Kit

To start, let’s take a look at the main motor of this kit. The motor in this kit is found inside the wheel hub to make this one sleek and discreet, that motor is rated to run with 48VDC of input, and it is also rated to bring out up to 1000W of power which enables your bike to run with speeds of up to 28MPH.

As a side note, the manufacturer suggests that this kit shouldn’t be loaded with more than 440lb of weight to ensure proper working conditions.

As the brains of this ebike kit, the motor controller controls the wheel in 2 ways, first and foremost is the most intuitive way to control an e-bike and that is the included twist throttle and brake levers. The throttle does control the power of the bike progressively, it is not like the throttle on most e-bikes that either switch the power on or off.

The brakes, on the other hand, signals the motor controller to cut the power on the motor and the bike should slow down due to the resistance of the motor. While that is supposed to be the braking system to be installed here, you can still use the traditional caliper brakes on the rear if you prefer that.

voliamart Conversion Kit

The other way that the motor controller uses to control the wheel is a rather amazing one, and that is the pedal-assist where the motor sends power to the wheels when it detects that you are pedaling.

This is achieved by using the crank sensor included in the kit, and I think this is very interesting for a kit to include, although you may need to do some adjusting and some getting used to using the pedal assist since it does not provide much of a variation whether how much of a throttle you’re getting.

Basically it just sends you forward and it keeps doing so until you stop pedaling or until you hit the brakes. Now this feature has potential for easier control but when a precise control is needed then you better stick to the twist throttle.

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Voilamart Wheel

How easy is it to setup?

Now let me run you to the setup process because the ways you can set this up according to your preferences is really interesting. First, please note that there are 2 different versions of this kit, there is the front-wheel drive, and there is also the rear-wheel-drive.

Now what we are reviewing is the front-wheel-drive version, and between the two I can see the front-wheel-drive being more efficient just because it is not clinging to a lot of gears and since it is in the front it can transfer power more efficiently since you are pulling the whole bike instead of pushing which causes more energy to waste due to rotational forces.

To start with the setup, you should get the wheel prepared by installing the interior tube and the exterior tire. It is your decision if you want to use the included tire and interior tube since you can easily replace this with better parts.

After preparing the wheel you should now be able to mount it on your front fork. Now you need to make sure that you are attaching this to a quality made a fork that will be able to withstand the torque this thing brings.

I know the power isn’t much, but you should know that the front forks of a bike are not designed to withstand torque that can pull the bike. If you are now certain about the front fork of your bike then you can now install the wheel.

We mentioned that this kit does not include the batteries to run the motors, when getting your batteries, here are some things that you need to remember. First off you need to make sure that the output voltage of the battery is around 48VDC, then you need to make sure that the expected battery life will suit your needs.

These are the 2 basic things you need to remember, but keep in mind that some batteries can go up to $1200 and that’s multiple times more expensive than most ebike kits, so you better keep a keen eye when getting your battery.

Although there is a nifty trick that some people are doing with their bikes to save some money on some batteries, and that trick is achieved by using multiple large rechargeable battery packs, in which they connect these battery packs in series until they reach the needed voltage, while it’s not advisable, you can still do this at your own risk, so be careful in doing so.

But with the battery, I would recommend getting a battery pack that is purposely designed to fit with an ebike which in most cases will have a bracket to hold the battery intact.

Voilamart Cables

And now we reach the final steps which is the cable management and final assembly, in which the brakes and twist throttle are installed, the pedal assist sensor is also installed by now. So the last thing to do is to connect all the cables. After that, the most interesting part is next, and that is deciding how to assign places for the parts to settle.

Most of the parts included has their intended place, but parts like the battery and the motor controller needs a place to sit into, the Voila e-bike kit has an included bag to go on the frame.

But the problem is that it has no holes for the wires to go into, so what commonly happens is that one might buy another bag, either way, as long as you have found a good way to contain your electronics then you should be good.

So, to installing the Voilamart Ebike kit is purely straightforward, you just need to get creative at the end.
To summarize my points here are the pros and cons.


  • Highly efficient
  • Has a small and thin but powerful motor
  • Can be easily installed in an hour
  • This can reach speeds up to 28 MPH
  • Every part is easily replaceable
  • Comes with ways to integrate cable management
  • Comes with a tire and interior tube


  • The braking system on this thing is practically inefficient
  • Does not come with a battery
  • The included bag is impractical withholding the components
  • The included instructions are not detailed
  • The motor can jump out of the front fork

Voilamart Ebike Kit Review – Conclusion

To wrap up my thoughts about the Voilamart Ebike kit, I think it is worth your money and time, traveling or commuting with your bike is great at our times especially with the verge of global warming, this kit will help you further improve your experience with riding a bike at a reasonable price.

And installing is easy and straightforward, this might even take less than an hour to properly get settled. The only thing you have left to consider is the batteries.

Electric Vehicles are here to stay, and they’re here as our future, these kits are really useful so you can easily have your electric vehicle at a low price. Now, this ebike kit is not perfect, but it is a lot of fun to deal with. This is not perfect but it is worth what you are paying for. And I think that is enough to make this one of the best options I would recommend to anyone.

Did you like out Voilamart e-Bike Kit Review? Please comment and don’t forget to check other great eBike kit – GeoOrbital Wheel

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