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Macwheel Electric Bike Review: Buyer's Guide

Macwheel Electric Bike


Macwheel Electric Bike Review deserves to be published, because this bike is slowly gaining popularity. With zero-emission to nature and almost no costs on insurance, registration, and fuel, most commuters prefer to ride an electric bike. And this bike is getting more and more popular among them due to it’s quality and great user-experience.

With this, we will dive into the Macwheel Wrangler 600 e-bike. In this article, we will discuss some elements of this e-bike and show why it is one of the best options available in the market today.

Design and components

While the Wrangler 600 is technically a mountain bike, it is mostly used as an ‘urban’ e-bike. However, this should not stop you from riding up and down the mountain slopes. Overall, it can be said that this e-bike is for all intents.

Macwheel Ebike Features

The bottom-end Shimano 7-speed drivetrain can resist getting bashed against rocks all day long. The same can be said about the Tektro mechanical disc brakes; however, the brakes are not on top of Tektro’s hierarchy.

The pedals can be operated per the biker’s wish; this allows the user to switch between the electric motor and the pedals with minimum effort.

The other aspects of e-bike work perfectly like suspension, LED lights, and tires. There are other aspects of the design like an integrated battery and internally-routed wiring, which are normally seen in mid-tier bikes.


Macwheel Battery

While most would be okay about the components, the performance of the Wrangler 600 is definitely worth your money. The bike can easily approach speeds of 20-mph (32-kph), which is quite typical for Class-2 e-bikes.

However, the speed also keeps climbing to 22.5-mph (36-kph) with ease; while it may not be a huge difference, you will certainly feel it on straight roads.

The motor of the e-bike is certainly powerful, thanks to the 500W motor and the 48V system. The bike can easily travel up to 50-km on a single charge before you have to recharge the batteries again.

LCD display

The Wrangler 600 is fitted with a small LCD right on the handlebar. Here, you will see a series of information that is important to the biker like battery charge capacity, speed, etc.

Additionally, you will also find parameters related to acceleration. The display will also allow you to command the lighting of the front LED headlight as well as the horn function.

Macwheel Lcd Display


The pricing of the Wrangler 600 is very modest. When you are comparing it with e-bikes, the price of this e-bike is very cheap. If you are looking for an affordable e-bike that is powerful and fast, the Wrangler 600 should more than just suffice.

Macwheel Electric Bike Review – Final thoughts

Macwheel Wrangler Ebike

While the purpose of the Wrangler 600 is for mountainous terrain, most commuters prefer to use it in city landscapes. This means that the robust built of the e-bike will easily survive the cityscape. It has a decent speed of roughly 20-mph, which should take you zipping through the traffic.

The most prominent feature of the e-bike is the 7-speed gearbox and the Tektro brakes. With the help of all these features, the Wrangler 600 is easily one of the top e-bikes in the market today!

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