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eAhora Electric Bikes Review

Eahora X7 Pro Electric Bike


Eahora X7 PRO Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

We all know that the electric bicycle is one of the best ways to have an eco-friendly commute without pulverizing your bank account. Eahora is one of the most well known and well-recognized brands specializing in making e-bikes and has been improving and innovating the bicycle since 2006.

E-bikes can be bulky and messy with the large batteries and massive motor controllers. But Eahora has been making sure that their e-bike systems will not be intrusive to the user. So today, Eahora bikes look cool and sleek. And now we’re reviewing some of the Eahora bikes that you can buy today. Let’s check our Eahora Bikes Review!

With a complete front and back suspension, a rear seat, and an easy to fold chassis, the Eahora X7 Pro is the bike for comfort and convenience. This model took all the best from previous eAhora X6 and fixed all found bags, so don’t spend time on eAhora X6 ebike review and Let’s dive in with features of eAhora X7.

The body of the X7 Pro is 7071 aluminum alloy which makes the chassis lighter than traditional steel chassis, and it will do so without losing structural rigidity. But a bike that feels too stiff isn’t comfortable. So, the X7 Pro has been fitted with a lockable front suspension fork to soak out bumps with a 100mm travel.

Eahora X7 Folding Bike

If that’s not enough for you, well, the X7 Pro also has a rear suspension with 20mm travel, just enough to keep a comfy seat.

The tires on the X7 Pro are all-terrain tires, which is 20-inches in size and 4-inches wide. The tires will give the rider extra comfort and confidence when they are on the road since the wide wheels will handle the power from the motor better than conventional bike tires.

Eahora Battery

Powering the X7 Pro is a rechargeable 499.2Wh battery that is waterproof, and the cells are Samsung made. The motor of the X7 Pro is a 500W Motor with a max torque of 60N⋅m.

Together with the battery, this motor will bring the X7 Pro a top speed of 28MPH, with the E-PAS, this bike will last a mileage of a decent 40-55 miles per charge.

The E-PAS feature is the best part of any Eahora bike, E-PAS means Eahora Power Assist System. This patented system will save up to 50% power compared to traditional e-bikes. E-PAS will also help recharge your battery when you’re going fast downhill.

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Eahora Electric Bike Handle

This bike includes a waterproof Smart LCD Screen that controls the bike’s lock and security system and will control the different drive modes that also contain the E-PAS.

Eahora aims to bring quality parts and components to the X7 Pro. To do that, they have installed a Shimano 8 Speed Shifters which are the best in bikes. Other than that, the X7 Pro also made sure that you’ll have confidence anytime with your bike by installing front and rear hydraulic brakes.

eAhora X7 ebike review

Overall the Eahora X7 Pro will bring you more features than you might ever need and want from a hybrid e-bike, and the extensive use of high-quality components might make the X7 Pro the best choice from Eahora.
  • E-PAS helps reach an overall mileage of around 40-55 miles
  • Has a Smart LCD Screen to control security and driving modes
  • Includes safety amenities such as lights and a horn
  • Has an eight-speed transmission by Shimano

Eahora X5 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Eahora X5 Ebike

The Eahora X7 Pro may not be affordable for some people, so Eahora is offering the X5 which is a bit of a toned-down version of the X7 Pro. Is the X5 even close to being as good as the X7 Pro? Let’s find out. And by the way, X5 is the next generation of X3. So if you are looking for eAhora X3 ebike review next info definitely will be interesting for you.

The body of the X5 shares similar design cues with the X7 Pro such as the foldable frame that also functions as the battery compartment, and, the structure is also Aluminum Alloy.

In terms of comfort, the X5 does not have a second seat like the X7 Pro. Instead, the X5 has a rear rack, which a passenger can technically sit on but it’ll be extremely uncomfortable.

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Eahora X5 Folding Ebike

The front suspension will add comfort for the rider with its 100mm travel. But unlike the X7 Pro, the X5 does not have a rear suspension to soak out bumps and vibrations. So you’ll feel road vibrations on the X5 saddle.

In terms of power, the X5 has the 500W BanX Hub Motor that can push the bike up with a top speed of around 25-30MPH.

The battery is the same as the battery used on the X7 Pro, which is the 499Wh 48V Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery. With the advanced battery, an efficient motor, and E-PAS, the X5 will reach an overall mileage of around 40-55 miles in a single charge.

Eahora Motor

With the X5 you can reach most terrains without any problem, to do that, the X5 has fat tires which measure up at a size of 20-inches while also having 4-inches of width.

Not only that, but the tires are also made to have a higher level of anti-puncture and anti-slip so you can take on uneven, wet, or steep trails easily. To keep you clean from splashes the X5 also has fenders on the front and rear tires.

To efficiently control and monitor your motor, battery, and other information, the X5 includes the M5 LCD that’ll show your speed, battery, mileage, and more. The bike also has an anti-theft system that disables the motor, and you can easily control this feature by using the included keyfob. Your battery is also secure and can only detach from the bike by using an included key.

eAhora X5 ebike review

Overall, the X5 is an excellent option if you think the X7 Pro is too much for you. The outstanding efficiency of the motor and the decent mileage will always make this a great commuter bike. And I would highly recommend this for everyone who has been wanting to get hooked on the e-bike world.

Eahora XC200 Plus Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

Eahora XC200 Electric Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are the most popular type of bike worldwide due to their practicality, easy to maintain parts, and a mountain bike will work everywhere. Eahora recognized that and also made an electric mountain bike called the XC200 Plus.

The design of the Eahora XC200 Plus is simple, it has an aluminum alloy frame, all-terrain tires, a seven-speed Shimano transmission, and a great front suspension, and we’ll discuss all these features.

Eahora XC200 Ebike

The body is indeed an aluminum frame that has a streamlined design and helps to bring a lighter overall weight to increase efficiency and speed. To add comfort and gain constant traction, the XC200 Plus has a lockable hydraulic front shock absorber.

To get the XC200 rolling, Eahora gave the XC200 26-inch tires that are also 4-inches wide, giving you the ability to go at any terrain, and with the wide tires, the motor can transfer its power safer, and the wide tires will keep the bike stable at high-speeds.

Eahora XC200

The motor on the bikes is a 750W rear hub motor that can reach a top speed of 30MPH. Not only that, but the motor also uses sensors such as the pedal crank sensor that’ll work with the highly efficient E-PAS.

And powering the motor and the whole system is a Samsung made 624Wh/48V battery. When everything is combined, the bike will have an overall average mileage of around 60-80 miles.

To control the bike, you can use the twist throttle, press the thumb throttle, or you can set the bike on PAS mode which will turn the motor on when you are pedaling. The E-PAS is the main selling point of any Eahora bike, and this is because E-PAS is highly-efficient and non-intrusive.

To monitor and control all the electronics, the XC200 also includes the Smart LCD screen that’ll display the bike’s speed, mileage, charge, and driving modes. The XC200 also includes a built-in 5W headlight. But the XC200 only includes a rear reflector instead of a light.

eAhora XC200 ebike review

Overall, the XC200 is the best model there is if you are looking for the fastest and the highest mileage bike. And being in a mountain bike configuration, the XC200 can reach every terrain without trouble.
  • Has a 750W motor able to reach 30MPH and mileage of 60-80 miles
  • The highly responsive throttle and brakes will give assurance to the rider
  • The large tires and high travel suspension gives a comfortable ride

Eahora Bikes Review – Final Words

Eahora has been working hard, and I honestly had a hard time finding disadvantages and faults with all of their bikes. The only thing I found out is you should look out as some parts are easily broken during shipping, and don’t let that hinder you from getting a bike from Eahora as they have a very responsive customer service. All those made Eahora the best brand to get an e-bike.

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