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GeoOrbital Wheel Review: A Revolution In eBikes Kits

GeoOrbital Wheel


GeoOrbital wheel is a self-powered electric wheel that can turn any bike into an ebike by simply replacing it’s standard wheels

You know, it is better late than never – I guess you’re familiar with that saying. With the advent of electric bikes, the traditional pedaling bikes started becoming obsolete just because part of what makes us human is the fact that we’re never satisfied with whatever we have. And this could be seen as a positive drive to become better as well as otherwise too.

Not stopping with the traditional pedaling bikes naturally means there will always be innovations and ways to do things better and easier than what is available already. That said, so what’s the fate of the folks who have got themselves a traditional pedaling bike? Throw it away and get an e-bike? Of course, I wouldn’t want to answer that for you because it depends on what you are after.

However, the same technology has afforded a better option of turning or making your traditional bike just like an electric bike with the use of a GeoOrbital Wheel! Cool, right?

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Easy Installation

What is a GeoOrbital Wheel?

The GeoOrbital wheel is one of the most charming gadgets for cycling you can get in the market. This gadget simply brings a touch of sci-fi and an electric boost to your bicycle. This is by far the best way to upgrade your bike to an electric bike.

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How the GeoOrbital Wheel Works?

The GeoOrbital Wheel replaces the front wheel of a pedal bicycle, and in less than 60 seconds, you have a sturdy electric bike to use. The wheel features everything you need to power your bike. It is built to last, quite easy, and requires no tools to install. The GeoOrbital wheel makes use of a standard quick-release skewer, and it installs very easily and without any tools unless you have a bolted-on wheel.

Using a triangular-shaped, aluminum uni-body assembly, the battery and the brushless DC motor which is located internally are suspended in the center of the wheel. This is also supported with an outdrive and two small wheels.  The outdrive provides the drive as it runs against the inner side of the rim.

Special Features of a GeoOrbital Wheel:


The GeoOrbital wheel is compatible with almost every bicycle. It has been tested on hundreds of bikes of different styles and era. More than 95-percent of all adult-sized bicycles can be covered as the GeoOrbital Wheel comes in 2-sizes – 26-inch and 700c front wheel.

The 700c is also compatible with a 28-inch wheel as well as a 29-inch wheel sizes. For this GeoOrbital Wheel Review we tested 4 bikes (Cannondale, Giant, Schwinn, Santa Cruze) and all worked well with GeoOrbital.

Also, this gadget comes with a thumb-activated throttle, which is usually clipped to the handlebar of the bike. With the compatibility and features of the GeoOrbital wheel, it is considered to be the easiest way to upgrade your bike to an e-bike.

Available at the following retailers:


Is the speed what you’re looking to change? The GeoOrbital wheel is still the right choice as it comes with 500W Brushless DC motor located internally and can get you to 20 miles-per-hour in just about 6 seconds and to go even faster, you can decide to pedal. This will come handy when you’re probably late for an appointment, or you need to accelerate faster at an intersection.

Battery Range

This gadget comes with high-quality Panasonic 36V removable Lithium-Ion battery.  With this battery, about 50 miles-per-battery can be achieved. One idea about this is that you can always pedal to achieve an extendable range and you can always bring along a spare battery for longer rides too.


As you probably know already, the advantage of an all-wheel drive is to provide more stability and control on harsh terrains and environments. The GeoOrbital wheel does pretty great in all weather conditions, but with pedaling, you can have the all-wheel-drive when it is needed the most.


GeoOrbital Wheel

Guess what? – You don’t need to worry about checking tire pressure or even a flat as a flat-proof solid foam tire is included in the GeoOrbital wheel. The tires weigh and act as a traditional bike tire due to the hi-density foam technology it features.

Also, a triangular-shaped, aluminum assembly allows the suspension of the battery and motor at the center of the wheel. Included is also two small wheels and an outdrive that runs against the inside of the rim.

Multi-functional Battery

You’re stranded somewhere and probably your phone is dead, but you’ve nowhere to plug your phone, and apart from your phone the only thing with you right there is your bike.

That’s not the right time to panic! The GeoOrbital Wheel comes a with a multifunction battery that can both serve as a power source for your bike as well as serve a power bank for your phones and other devices such as a speaker, bike lights, and more.

Also, you can plug your devices via the USB outlet included on the battery. More interestingly, you can remove the battery from the wheel. This makes it a power bank you can take with you. It’s enough power to take for a whole day at the beach or anywhere else.

I recharged the battery several times during writing my GeoOrbital Wheel Review, and all the time it took not more than 3 hours.

Installation of the GeoOrbital Wheel

Remove the front wheel of your bicycle, put in the GeoOrbital wheel, then tighten it and lock it down. You must place two torque bars against the back of your fork. You will use two heavy-duty rubber straps to strap them. You may require some strength to lock the straps on, even though you don’t have to make them tight particularly.

Then the next thing to do is to attach the thumb throttle to either of the handlebars you prefer and comfortable for you by using the brilliantly designed clamp-on. You don’t need any tool to get this fixed.

The GeoOrbital tires are quite sturdy and solid enough to withstand torque forces which would tend to rip the valve stem off in the first third of a complete revolution.

When I did it before writing GeoOrbital Wheel Review, it took about 15 minutes. For the second time I spent less than 5 minutes.

The Ride

Riding the retro-fitted bike is easy. Begin by turning the key to the start position, and then push the on button – it is located on the throttle. Three lights should come up, indicating a full charge. All you require is the throttle, and this makes the take-off smooth even though the gadget features a powerful motor.

Easy to Use

However, you have to wholly and separately modulate the motor and your legs on the pedals because pedal-assist comes from pedaling. You will probably need to use the throttle when starting, and then going up a hill you might need to power up. However, you can pedal on normal terrains.

At first start, the acceleration is seemingly gradual, but you can decide to pick up the speed if you want. The only concern might be the weight – it’s quite heavy, the 700c weighing about 21 pounds and maneuvering your bike up and down stairs can be difficult. Without a suspension fork, going over bumps can also be painful.

Reasons to Convert Your Existing Bike to an Electric Bike

In recent years, sales of electric bikes have been skyrocketing globally, and there are no signs of slowing down. A large number of people have been turned on to the advantages of riding an electric bike.
Here are some good reasons to convert your old school bike into an electric bike what we found during preparing GeoOrbital Wheel Review.

1. Converting your standard bike is cheaper

The top-of-the-line models of e-bikes cost anywhere from $1,500 to upwards of $7,000 but converting your bicycle gives you a taste of an electric bike with a relatively small amount of money. Price of conversion kits may depend on wattage output and some other features.

2. Electric bikes require less fitness

The main factor that distinguishes riding a standard bike from an electric bike is the stress involved in pedaling. It requires a lot of energy to pedal hard over some terrains. It is also important to note that electric bikes provide the same level of exercise as standard bikes.

You may actually have the mind that because your bike is being assisted by a motor that you won’t be as fit as pedaling a standard bike, but studies have shown that electric bikes offer the same level of health benefits as regular biking.

3. Converting Your Bike is Easier Than You Think

Contrary to what you may have been thinking, converting your bike is very simple and straightforward. You don’t need a degree in engineering to install an electric bike converter kit on your existing bicycle.

4. An Electric Bike Kit Makes Biking More Fun

Cycling becomes more fun with electric bikes as they offer easy maneuvering and less stress to pedal. Electric bikes also allow you to enjoy riding up hills too without much rigor. During preparing this GeoOrbital Wheel Review we get as much fun, as never befor!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does a bicycle wheel work?

Typically, a bicycle wheel is more than 20 inches or 50cm in diameter (which is usually taller than the wheel of many cars). When you turn the wheels at the axle, the speed multiplies according to the height of the wheel. It means speed increases with taller wheels. If you notice, racing bicycles usually have the tallest of about 70cm or 27.5 inches, that’s the reason.

The wheels ultimately support the weight of the rider, which is quite impressive. Most bikes usually come with wheels that feature thin rim, up to 24 highly tensioned spokes and a strong hub. For bicycles to be lightweight and strong, they use spoke wheels rather than solid metal wheels. It also helps to reduce drag.

However, instead of traditional rounded ones, some riders make use of flat “bladed” spokes or ones with an oval shape in an attempt to cut drag even more.

GeoOrbital Wheel Conversion

In a bicycle wheel, it is not just the number of spokes that is important but also the way they are arranged or connected between the rim and the hub. The spokes are pulled tight leaving them in high tension.  The wheels are not as flat and flimsy as they appear to be since the spokes crisscross from the rim, then to the opposite side of the hub. They are connected in a three-dimensional structure.

The weight of the rider pushes down on the hubs when he sits on the biker, and consequently, the spokes are sometimes stretched even more and others less. The spokes are basically what stops the wheel from buckling when your weight pushes down on the bike.

In the real sense of it, the spokes bear the weight unevenly: the spokes that are close to the vertical bear much more load compared to the others. The remaining spokes move closer to the vertical as the wheel rotates. Then the spokes start to take more share of the strain. As the wheel rotates, there is a dramatic fall and rise in the load carried by each spoke.

So after several thousands of cycles of repeated strain and stress, which makes each spoke stretches and relaxes in rapid alternation, one of the spokes which are connected to the wheel or hub is most likely to fail as a result of metal fatigue. Also, the remaining spoke is more likely to fail due to the increase in the load. It then results in the buckling of the whole wheel.

What is the price of GeoOrbital Wheel?

The GeoOrbital wheel could be a less expensive solution at an asking price of $$$, especially. With the two size options available, 26 inches or 700c, in either Boston Silver or Bounce Black, the GeoOrbital wheel also comes with some other cool accessories such as a travel bag, charger, a spare battery ($239) and surprisingly, a mini Penny bike frame.

How do electric bike wheels work?

You are ensuring that all the components of an e-bike work together is the key to any good bike. All the assistance needed for a smooth ride is provided by the motor, display combination, and battery.

You can get the required assistance and easily tackle long rides and heels as the battery provides power to the motor, which then powers the drivetrain. With the display, the rider can control what power is given to the drivetrain from the motor and how much assistance is provided.

Does add power make e-bike braking harder?

Typically, non-electric bikes are usually lighter than electric bikes. Therefore a rider needs to consider the added weight for stopping safety and distance. However, how hard you have to use the brakes does not have a direct effect on electric brakes due to the power when compared to non-electric bikes.

What does it take to charge my electric bike?

Charging an electric bike is quite simple and straightforward – just like a laptop or your mobile phone, you only need to plug it into any wall outlet. It can take up 2 to 8 hours to fully charge a battery, though it all depends on the maker and model of the battery.

How do I convert my bike to an electric bike?

Perhaps, you still love that old bike, or it fits you well, and you don’t want to let go, but at the same time, you want to try out an electric bike. Well, the best solution is to convert it offering two types of bike in one – a pedal assist and electric bike.

To convert your old bike into an electric bike, you might want to consider conversion options which include a GeoOrbital wheel and other e-bike conversion kits. Most conversion kits come with a controller, a motorized hub, and a battery pack. A motor can be added to either the rear of the front wheel of the bike.

However, if the motor is mounted on the front wheel, it will make the wheel heavier and may make the bike harder to maneuver.

Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

This might be necessary for some cheaper bikes with different style cells. However, several electric bikes come with high tech batteries which do not need a complete drain to charge.

Can you add an electric motor to a bicycle?

Of course, you can add an electric motor to a bicycle, but you would need a conversion kit. The e-bike kits are sold depending on the maximum wattage the motor can generate and the number of amps that can be drawn by the controller.

The more the wattage, the more the speed with an increase in power for climbing. A controller with a high amp rating, meanwhile, offers an increase in acceleration power.

GeoOrbital Wheel Review – Final Words

Do you want to keep an existing pedal bike? Or letting go of your old bike isn’t an option you want to consider? Then the GeoOrbital Wheel can a solid choice. Factory Built electric bikes can be more expensive and to save yourself some money; getting the GeoOrbital wheel would be more economical for your bike.

Thousands of regular bikes have been converted into powerful and affordable electric bikes by the GeoOrbital wheel in many states and countries around the world. Put it in your bike, and you will look like you come from the future.

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