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Magnum Electric Bike Review

Magnum Electric Mountain Bike


Magnum is a US-based company that is known to manufacture a wide range of e-bikes that you can use almost everywhere. These bikes are not only restricted to urban areas and can be used on almost every type of terrain.

These e-bikes by Magnum are very different than those of its competitors. They are very convenient to use, especially if you live in an area that has limited space. You also do not need loads of tools to use the bike. All you need to do is plug these bikes in and they are ready for the show!

These bikes make use of your pedaling powers, which means that you will be able to ride the bike without having to exert a lot of physical strength. They are also fitted with gears for a smooth ride. These Magnum bikes are also fitted with an active braking system that will allow you to stop the e-bikes on the spot.

Most of these Magnum bikes are affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. They are expertly designed and fitted with features that make them safe for everyone. Some of the best Magnum bikes in our Magnum Electric Bike Review and on the market include:

1. Magnum Peak Premium Electric Mountain Bike

Magnum Peak Premium Electric Bike

Magnum Peak is a powerful and fast e-bike that looks great and can easily reach a speed of 28mph. It is made to push you to the limit and will provide you with the best performance, thanks to its amazing features.

Best features

Overall, the Peak Premium has a very powerful build and frame. The high-step frame is quite sturdy and sleek and made of premium-quality 6061 aluminum alloy. Additionally, the e-bike is fitted with Schwalbe Smart Sam tires, each measuring 29-inches.

Due to this rough-and-tough build, the Magnum Peak Premium is considered one of the most perfect mountain e-bikes for people looking for high-quality build, speed, and power; due to this, this particular e-bike is quite expensive.

Magnum Peak Specs

The Magnum Peak Premium is equipped with the advanced Tektro hydraulic brakes, motor inhibitor on the right bar, 11032T gear system, and a 24-speed M310. All these features make the Peak Premium so that you can immediately stop safely and quickly while allowing you to reach great speeds as well.

The Magnum Peak Premium is fitted with a fast-charging and long-lasting lithium battery that powers the frame and the motor. This 624W lithium battery will push your skills and speed to the limit. The battery can last you for approximately 60-miles and does not take more than six hours to get fully recharged.

Magnum Ebike

The Magnum Peak Premium is decked with the extremely fast 8Fun motor on the rear. This motor is powerful enough to reach the right speed for any type of terrain.

Additionally, you can also switch the power output from 500W (normal output) to 700W (peak output). Thanks to this feature, you will be able to ride this e-bike comfortably and smoothly.

magnum Peak Premium Display

Finally, the Magnum Peak Premium is fitted with a readable backlit display. This fixed LCD will help you check how much charge is remaining on your e-bike, how long you have been riding it, traveled distance, and the current speed.

Additionally, the display is also glare-resistant; this means that you will be able to read measurements, no matter the weather condition.


  • The e-bike is extremely smooth, quiet, and fast
  • The distance range of the Peak Premium is good
  • The overall time the e-bike takes to reach full charge is just above six hours
  • The e-bike is fitted with a lot of modern and useful features


  • The Peak Premium is a very expensive e-bike
  • The Peak Premium is not the fastest e-bike in the market

2. Magnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike

Magnum Ui5 Ebike

If you are a person who is not bothered by how cumbersome hybrid e-bikes look, then the Magnum Ui5 is considered the best choice. The UI6 has managed to combine decent looks and proper functionality.

Thanks to the well-placed accessories, brown tires, and white frame, you may be able to turn some heads on the road.

Best features

The Magnum Ui5 has a very serious and sleek aesthetics and fitted with some details that give it a step-through and low-key frame. The Suntour NEX suspension form offers this e-bike with an edge over other hybrids, providing you with a nice riding experience without having to absorb the bumps on the way.

Magnum Ui5 Ebike Specs

The frame of the e-bike is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which will provide you with responsiveness, flexibility, and weight and makes it perfect for lightweight riders only.

Since most hybrids tend to weigh a lot, you will be surprised to know that the Magnum Ui5 weighs only about 50-lbs. If you remove the battery, the weight can further decrease to 43-lbs.

The seat post is longer and angled and the upward stem is connected to the handlebar. This way, the UI5 will provide you with a relaxed riding position and will prevent aches and irritation on your back. This upright stance is perfect for commuting and urban riding, keeping you in a position to observe things around you as well.

The drive train is fitted with components from Shimano Tourney, which offers about seven different speeds. The matching shifter will allow you to change gear quickly and seamlessly.

Magnum Ui5 Electric Bike

Additionally, the e-bike is also fitted with a TEKTRO disc braking system for slowing or stopping the e-bike and the most common choice for the best e-bikes in the market.

Thanks to this braking system, the stopping power is controlled, without needing extra effort for full stopping or feeling overly-sensitive.

The Magnum Ui5 is also fitted with 26-inches aluminum rims that are double-walled and keep the tires rolling, adds durability against road bumps, and keeping the weight manageable.

The tires measure 2.15-inches wide that are rugged enough for the demanding urban rides. The tires are brown, which gives them quite a unique look.

The Magnum Ui5 is fitted with a 500W motor that can help you reach the maximum speed of 22mph; additionally, there are also different levels of pedal assistance. The motor can be controlled via the handlebars.

The Magnum Ui5 features a large LCD screen that allows youto read the distance, speed, and battery life; this screen is placed on the handlebar setup.

Magnum Ui5 Display

The battery of the Magnum Ui5 is removable. This means that you can take the battery out for charging and reaching full charge does not take more than 6.5 hours.

Additionally, the battery also has a USB port if you want to charge your phone devices during or while riding the e-bike.


  • The hybrid is very comfortable and easy to ride an e-bike
  • The UI6 is one of the most affordable hybrid e-bikes in the market
  • The braking and gearing system are responsive
  • The battery is fitted with a USB port for charging your phone while riding


  • Not a great choice for heavier riders
  • While the USB port is useful, it is located at the bottom of the battery, which makes the charging difficult

Magnum Electric Bike Review – Buyer’s guide

There are some aspects that you need to consider while looking for a decent e-bike:

1. Throttle or pedal-assist

E-bikes fall into two main types of categories – throttle and pedal-assist. In the case of pedal-assisted e-bikes, the motor will kick in once you start pedaling actively. In the case of throttle e-bikes, the bike will zip through without requiring pedaling.

Both types have their sets of advantages – for instance, throttle e-bikes will allow you to travel long distances without tiring out; on the other hand, the battery charge of pedal-assist e-bikes last much longer.

Then, there are also hybrid models that offer both functions. These e-bikes allow you to pedal if you are looking for some workout or save the bike’s battery.

2. Type of motor

Affordable e-bikes have a rear hub motor. Expensive e-bikes have mid-drive motors that are located in the center of the pedal crankshaft; this type of motor offers smooth shifting and better overall balance.

E-bike motors are also rated according to their power, which is measured (mostly) in Watts;
the least powerful motor can deliver 250W. Unless you decide to ride up a steep hill or a heavy person, the size of the motor should not have much effect on your buying decision.

3. Battery size

If you want to understand what the battery size should be, you need to consider where you are residing. If you live in a congested area, you might require more help rather than cruising around open spaces.

Watt-hours (Wh) will help you in the comparison – the battery output and life will give you a better idea of the power remaining. If the Wh is higher, you will get more range.

Most electric e-bikes have an estimated range of about 40-miles approximately on a single charge. However, this number is also determined by many different factors. For instance, if you are a lightweight person that is riding on flat terrain with no wind resistance, it will not pressurize the battery.

The range will also depend on the amount of power assist is being used, the average speed of the e-bike, and whether/how long the full-throttle is being applied. Due to these factors, the mileage of the e-bike may vary.

4. In-built battery or removable

Most batteries on e-bikes can easily ride a distance of 40-miles and then need to be charged for some hours to reach 80% of battery capacity. Hence, if you are a busy person, it is recommended that you choose a model that allows you to remove the battery, rather than one with an integrated battery.

Magnum Electric Bike Review – Conclusion

Magnum is a company that is known to manufacture some of the best e-bikes in the market today. Among these top-notched bikes, the Peak Premium and the UI6 are considered the top choices. You will definitely not regret getting any one of these high-quality e-bikes.

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