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Jetson Electric Bike Review

Jetson Folding Electric Bike


An e-bike is the best choice if you are looking to view the world from a whole new perspective. If you land with the best e-bike in the market, you will be able to cycle around the city or commute around the local areas without breaking a sweat. Thanks to these e-bikes, you are now open to a wide range of possibilities.

Perfect for traveling, these e-bikes will make traveling effortless and have proven to be faster than driving cars in congested city centers. For instance, why should you travel at a speed of 8-mph in London when you can hit speeds of 15-mph on an electric bike?

One of the most well-known electric bike companies is Jetson; the company is known to manufacture some of the top e-bike models in the world. Two of these are mentioned below in our Jetson Electric Bike Review.

Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike

Jetson Bolt Ebike Specs

The Jetson Bolt e-bike is an affordable e-bike that is a surprisingly capable e-bike. It does not have any pedals; hence, you cannot exactly classify it as a ‘bicycle’. In short, you can say it provides the functionalities of a scooter in a small bicycle form.

Best features

The Jetson e-bike is a small electric bicycle that does not weigh more than 34-pounds. While it is lightweight, it can easily support a maximum weight limit of 250-lbs, thereby making it a great option for larger riders as well.

Jetson Bolt Ebike Features

The bike is fitted with a 250W rear motor, which may not sound like much; however, it has a surprisingly decent torque. The small motor can help you reach the speed limit of 15-mph easily. However, since the bike does not have any pedals, the acceleration is completely unassisted.

The distance range is 17-miles; however, you can easily reach around 2/3rd of the range before the performance starts to slug. However, 12-miles is still a decent range, especially for an e-bike that is this small. If you are riding within city limits, you will still not ride any further than that.

The Jetson Bolt is fitted with a 36V and 5.2aH battery; however, it is not meant for long-distance biking. The braking system consists of a single disc brake in the rear wheel, which can be great if you are into power slides.

Jetson Bolt Display

On the handlebar, you will find the horn button, the on/off switch, the cruise control button, twist throttle, and a battery meter. The rear and front LED lights are built within the frame and powered by the main battery. Once folded down, the e-bike becomes small enough to fit any truck.

This small e-bike is very fun to ride. While the lack of pedals may feel a little weird at first, you will eventually feel normal. Thanks to the 12-inch diameter wheels and the motor with decent torque, you will catch speed quickly and never need any assistance.

jetson Bolt Electric Bike

However, the only downside of this e-bike is the lack of pedals; this means that if the battery runs out, you will have to walk all the way back.

Overall, the e-bike is lightweight due to the lack of heavy-bike components like derailleur, cassette, chainring, chain, cranks, and pedals. Additionally, due to the lack of such components, you do not have to worry much about the maintenance and there are lesser things to break.

Another reason why the lack of parts is a good thing – the price of the Bolt significantly comes down, without compromising on the ride quality.


  • The price of the e-bike is very affordable
  • Considered the best choice for city rider
  • The e-bike provides you 30-miles on a single charge
  • Fitted with top-of-the-line safety tools like disc brakes and bright LED headlights


  • The lack of pedals means that you will have to walk all the way if the battery runs out of charge (add-on)
  • Not suitable for long-distance travels

Jetson Adventure Electric Bicycle

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike

The Jetson Adventure electric e-bike is a popular choice among enthusiasts who are looking to ride for miles without putting in a lot of effort. This e-bike has managed to carve a unique presence amid the e-bike section in the market today.

Best features

The Jetson Adventure e-bike is fitted with a 250W motor and powered by a lithium-ion 36V battery. The wheels measure 27.5-inches in diameter for increased efficiency. Additionally, the assisted pedaling feature just adds more fun to your riding experience.

The assisted pedaling takes place when power is supplied to the pedals after you pedal significantly and gain substantial momentum.

Jetson Adventure Ebike Specs

If you want to feel some rush of adrenaline while riding uphill or do something as simple as riding the countryside, then this e-bike is the perfect option for you. When you are riding uphill, you can easily stop, thanks to the front and rear brakes.

The e-bike is very easy to handle and includes every feature for ease of use. One of its standout features is the 21-speed pedal gear assist that will allow you to push the limits and enjoy an easy and smooth ride.

When you are riding an e-bike, one of the most important aspects is considering the frame, especially for a mountain e-bike. The frame is made of aluminum alloy; thanks to this, the frame has a sturdy finish and offers an ergonomic design. The front and rear disc brakes allow you to stop instantly and avoid any accidents.

The LCD is quite interactive and one of the most striking features of the Jetson Adventure e-bike. Here, you will find all the information you are looking for like laps completed, distance traveled, current speed, and battery life.

Jetson Adventure Ebike Display

The display area is quite clear and large so that you do not have to change your focus while riding, especially in dangerous mountainous regions.

According to the company brochure, the Jetson Adventure e-bike has been described as an electric bike that will allow you to push the speed limits, thanks to the 9-level pedal-assist system. If you are riding a straight road and do not want to spend energy on pedaling, you can make use of this pedal-assist system.

jetson Adventure Pedal Assist

With so many features, most would expect this e-bike to be heavy; however, you will be surprised to know that it does not weigh more than 42-lbs. However, the bike can handle heavy riders up to 300-lbs and the enhanced battery life will allow you to ride for long hours.

The front shock suspension will provide you with a comfortable and smooth ride.


  • One of the best features of this e-bike is the 9-level pedal-assist system
  • The battery lasts for a very long time on a single charge
  • The bike can carry a maximum weight of 300-lbs
  • The LCD is clear and large


  • Compared to other e-bikes, this one is quite heavy
  • The top speed of the e-bike is not very impressive

Jetson Electric Bike Review – Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking through some e-bikes, you need to consider certain factors. Out of these, the motor, riding ranges, and batteries are the most important.

Most manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the power source of an electric bike. They often have to choose between performance and riding range. With a more powerful motor, you will get more torque for hauling cargo or climbing hills, or keep up with the traffic. However, this also means that it will burn up your battery faster, thereby reducing the range of your ride.

When you are looking through potential electric bikes, you will notice some riding-range specs; for instance, you will see 20-100 pedal-assisted miles. This is because the riding range is dependent on a lot of variables.

Of course, having a big battery is very helpful. The capacity of a battery is stated in Wh (Watt-hours); this signifies the number of hours the battery can sustain a single watt of power. Hence, the power of the motor will also matter.

This means that if a 500Wh battery is paired with a 500-watt power, it will drain the battery much more quickly, rather than a 500Wh battery with a 250-watt motor.

Battery charge time

Most batteries need three to five hours to get fully charged. For batteries with larger capacities, the charging period will be longer. You can choose to carry your charger along if you plan on commuting on your electric bike.

Number of batteries

Some e-bike models allow you to install two batteries at once. This will help you keep going and extend the length of your ride. Or, if one battery dies, you will have a backup handy.

Battery mounting setup

Batteries that are integrated into the frame will clear the space for a small bike bag or a bottle cage. However, external batteries are much easier to replace and recharge.

Location of the motor

The mid-drive motors are mostly found at the bottom of the bracket; this is the space where the bike frame is attached to the crank arms. On the other hand, hub-drive motors are fitted inside the hub of the rear wheel (or on the front, sometimes).

Mid-drive motors are placed so for a variety of reasons. The pedal-assist will provide you with a more natural feel, while also keeping the weight of the motor centered to keep your ride stable and balanced.

Hub-drive motors will send the pedal power directly to the rear wheel, which provides a very pushing-type of feeling. However, if you want to change a flat tire, you will have a much harder time than a mid-drive bike.

Motor torque

Measured in Nm (Newton-meters), torque is a measurement that you need to consider if you plan on hauling heavy loads or travel frequently to the hills. For an average e-bike, the torque can be anywhere between 40Nm and 80Nm. As you keep changing your pedal-assist settings, the riding torque will also vary.

While the above-mentioned factors are important, there are also some features that you need to consider very carefully like:

Pedal feet and pedal-assisted activation

An e-bike needs to be performance-oriented; this means that the pedal-assist will be more responsive and smoother. You need to test several e-bikes to find the one that reacts to the intensity and speed you are looking for.

Levels of pedal-assist

Most e-bikes offer 3 or 4 assist levels. This will allow you to save power in the eco-mode or serve more torque or speed in the boost/turbo mode.

Most e-bikes are fitted with a wide range of accessories like:


Having a lighting system on your e-bike is nice and can often be found on commuter and city e-bikes. The lighting stem can vary and higher-priced e-bikes have better and more powerful lighting.


Racks are normally found on cargo electric bikes. Most of these racks are capable of supporting heavy loads. Because there is a wide range of e-bike racks available, you need to find a rack that will serve your needs.

Handlebar-mounted LCD

There are a lot of features working simultaneously. Hence, it is important to have a bike computer on your handlebar so that you can monitor your speed, distance traveled, pedal-assisted modes, etc.

Integration with your smartphone

Most e-bikes today can be connected wirelessly to a dedicated smartphone app. Most of these apps consist of additional screen capabilities, service records, and GPS. In fact, some of these apps will also allow you to unlock the electric bike’s integrated lock.

In-built security

Some e-bikes are fitted with rear-wheel locks that get attached to the frame. There are also some that can be locked on batteries and need to be keyed to match the lock; however, this needs to be purchased separately.

Quality of the components

As with most commodities, the higher the e-bikes cost, the better will be the component quality. Cheaper bikes will not be fitted with a lot of high-end components like smartphone integration. Additionally, the components will also be value-priced.

Conclusion – Jetson Electric Bike Review

Jetson is one of the top-level e-bikes that will not disappoint you. These bikes are fitted with a lot of features that make riding on any terrain very easy. While most of them are quite expensive, you will also find some very affordable options.

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