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MZZK Electric Bike Review: Buyer’s Guide

MZZK Electric Bike


After the recent pandemic and the disruption caused, public transportation has become less popular. People are opting for newer modes of travel, like cycling. In this aspect, e-bikes have truly proved their worth – you can use them as normal cycles and also travel far distances without the requirement of hard pedaling. In this aspect, MZZK e-bikes stand out for being one of the best in this niche.

MZZK Electric Mountain Bike Review

If you are looking for a bike with a sturdy structure, you can opt for this variant of the MZZK electric bike. All the parts are made of high-quality materials and each part has a one-year warranty period. This e-bike is known to offer a brilliant performance, thereby making it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

MZZK Electric Mountain Bike Specs

Best features

The frame and fork are made of 6061 aluminum alloy that is sturdy, yet lightweight. In fact, the e-bike can easily support a weight of 260-lbs with ease. The INNOVA tires are rated as first in class and ensure fast and smooth rides.

The tires are designed in a way that you can easily maneuver through snow, sand, rough trails, and the urban jungle.

The geared 500W motor will allow you to ride at maximum speeds of 25-mph and it is mzzk electric bike top speed; additionally, the motor is IP68 waterproof. Hence, riding in the rain will not prove to be a problem for you.

MZZK Electric Bike Handlebar Display

Additionally, the 48V/13Ah lithium battery will allow you to ride up to 75-miles on a single charge. It also does not take more than four or six hours to fully charge the battery.

The speed option of an expensive e-bike is very impressive. The Shimano 7-working speed shifters will help you gain enough speed to cover a very long distance. You will also find three different types of modes like the leisure mode, trekking mode, and speed mode.

In general this MZZK 500w electric mountain snow bike with 26 inch fat tires is a pretty good option for electric mountain bike fans.


  • Assembling the e-bike is very quick and easy
  • The customer service is excellent
  • The bike quality is exceedingly good


  • Takes time to adjust the gears
  • A bit on the expensive side

MZZK City Electric Bike Review

MZZK City Electric Bike

One of the best MZZK electric bikes in the market today is this MZZK City electric bike. If you are looking for something that will provide you with a satisfactory and reliable riding experience than another cheap e-bike, then this is a great option. It is a hybrid bicycle that you can use for a long-distance commute.

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Best features

One of the best features of this heavy MZZK City electric bike is its power-assist mechanism. This makes the e-bike easier to ride, you will be able to travel longer distances without sweating a lot. The bike has been designed very well and is a sturdy and reliable option for both on- and off-road experience.

MZZK City Ebike Specs

The e-bike has a construction made from aluminum alloy because it is sturdy, light, and durable. Additionally, the tires are INNOVA 700*52C, which offer much better control on the roads and superior grip on off-road conditions. The tires are also fitted with twin disc brakes for an energetic, yet safe, riding experience.

The e-bike also features a lithium-ion battery that can be removed easily and quite long-lasting. Additionally, a single charge will allow you to ride for 50-miles at a time and does not take more than five hours to reach complete charge. Since it is removable, you can simply leave it at home while your battery charges.

MZZK Ebike Display

Overall, the bike does not require a lot of maintenance, charges quickly, and offers good night visibility. Some other features that are easily controllable include anti-skid tires, comfortable retro seats, high-brightness retro front light, and a multi-function LCD display.


  • The e-bike components are very durable
  • The battery recharge time and duration is very long
  • Shifts well between the gears


  • The softness of the seat can be improved
  • The e-bike is a bit heavy

MZZK Electric Bike Review – Buyer’s Guide

Some very important factors you need to consider while looking for the best e-bike are:

Motor types – hub and frame

There are two types of e-bike motors – one that is fitted into the central structure of the frame or at the hum of the wheels. Both types have their shares of pros and cons.

For instance, the frame-mounted motors are considered the most common for e-bikes and are considered smarter. It can measure the amount of force you exert each time you pedal. However, they are much more difficult to maintain than hub motors.

On the other hand, hub motors transfer power through the cassette and chain of the wheel. This is a very popular choice if you do not want to showcase the fact that you are riding an e-bike. The downside is that repairing the wheel puncture becomes more difficult.


In the past few years, battery technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Today, the sizes of the batteries have become so small that it can easily be fitted into a cavity within the frame.

The battery pack is an important aspect to consider and can span anywhere between 200W and 550W. The higher the number, the more range you have.

Assistance levels

MZZK Assist Mode

Most e-bikes are programmed with three levels of assistance. At the standby level, the e-bike will function the same way as a traditional bike. There is no electric assistance; however, the metrics will still be displayed in the display controllers.

Then there is the Eco mode, which is the lowest setting. This setting is normally used to increase the travel range. In this mode, the assistance level can range between 25% and 80%. This mode is perfect for flatter terrain.

You can also opt for the high mode. This mode will increase the capabilities of your e-bike and will allow you to go uphill with minimum effort. The maximum assistance can exceed up to 200%. However, this reduces the travel range and best suited for short trips.

MZZK Electric Bike Review – Final thoughts

E-bikes do not have a lot of cons, as compared to their pros. While you can use it for exercising, these wonderful bikes can also be used for traveling long distances. You do not have to be physically fit to do so. If you are looking for your first e-bike, the MZZK is a decent option.

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