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Speedrid eBike Review: Buyer's Guide

Speedrid Mountain Ebike


E-bikes or electric bikes are modified versions of conventional bicycles as they run on an electric charge. These bikes aim at making riding effortless, convenient, and more fun. Numerous types of e-bikes can be used for both sporty and casual riding.

E-bikes are attached to a powerful motor and battery that propel their movement. Many companies manufacture e-bikes, but Speedride possesses the achievement of manufacturing the best ones.

In the following section, we are going to review the top three Speedride e-bike models for you. Each of these e-bikes serves unique riding purposes with their dedicatedly designed features. Read on.

Speedrid Mountain Electric Bike Review

This e-bike by Speedrid can be the best choice for you due to its high versatility. You can use it for sporty ventures as well as general commuting. This bike is suitable for adults.

Speedrid Mountain Ebike Specs


The star feature of this bike’s design is the LCD. It shows all the relevant information like speed, motor power ratio, battery level, mileage, power control, etc. This bike has a solid frame made of durable aluminum alloy. The disc brakes and wider wheels add to the bike’s tough built.


This bike has a very powerful 350W brushless motor that allows it to attain a max speed of 20mph. The large battery also supports the motor to keep the bike running continuously for 30 miles.

It also has a unique 24-speed shift gear system that allows range variation. You can adjust the speed as per the terrain and your riding style with the 5-speed modes.

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  • Fully assembled
  • Suitable for sports and general riding
  • Versatile gear system for different range riding
  • Adaptable gears for unknown ranges
  • Superior control with dual disc brakes


  • A bit heavy
  • Overall quality is compromised

Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike: Speedrid Electric Bike Review

Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike

This e-bike model by Speedrid is exclusively designed for snow riding. It is an extreme sport and this bike has all the necessary features to ensure safety and performance.


This bike has an upgraded built than its counterparts. Its wheel rim is made of double-layered aluminum alloy that makes it highly durable. The carbon steel coating facilitates high-quality shock absorption. Its LCD shows all the ride details to allow supreme control.

Speedrid Fat Tire Ebike Features


The bike is fitted with ultra power 500W motor that provides the required powerful riding on slippery surfaces. Coupled with the 10Ah large capacity battery, it provides a maximum speed of 23mph.

The 5-speed modes, along with 3 additional working modes, allow customized riding style. You can also shift swiftly between the gears with the 7-speed transmission system to enjoy a quality ride.


  • Exclusively designed for snow biking
  • A 7-speed gear transmission system
  • Highly durable with double layer aluminum frame
  • 500W 48V motor coupled with a large battery
  • Fat tires for supreme traction on snowy surfaces


  • Poor customer assistance
  • Motor wears off

Speedrid Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

Speedrid Foldable Fat Tire Ebike

This Speedrid e-bike is meant for convenience as it can be easily folded for easy storage and carrying. It is another multi-purpose bike that is loaded with features for a fun-filled ride.


The portable and convenience-driven design of this bike is very attractive. It has a double-layered aluminum alloy frame, which makes it sturdy. Features like dual disc brakes, lifting carbon forks, informative LCD, reflectors, and headlights make the bike’s design very advanced.

Speedrid Foldable Electric Bike


The fat tires of this bike make it extremely versatile by giving it superior traction on difficult surfaces. Alongside, all the features aim at ensuring a shock-free, balanced, and controlled ride that is no less adventurous.

The 6-gear transmission system allows you to attain speed traction as desired. And, the final power comes from the 500W brushless motor and huge 12.5Ah battery that allows you to keep going up to 40 miles.

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  • Foldable
  • High power levels for different terrain riding
  • Especially designed bike parts for all-season toughness
  • High mileage and speed
  • Good for workouts too at pedal assist mode


  • The brakes don’t perform as described

Speedrid eBike Review – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have reviewed the best Speedrid e-bikes for you, we also want you to know certain information that can help you with handling e-bikes better. Following are some of the common questions regarding e-bike purchases.

What are some of the important factors to look for while buying a Speedrid e-bike?

The first thing you must ensure is your riding purpose, style, and the terrain you are going to ride on. After that, you must check for the following specs of the bike, including motor, battery, tires, gears, foldability, and built.

Are e-bikes with peddles better?

You can have a fully automatic e-bike since it’s a more convenient means of transportation. However, e-bikes with peddles are always a better option. This is because the various power-assist modes allow you to control the bike better.

Are e-bikes good for workouts?

E-bikes can help you with exercising if you use the pedal mode of these bikes. There are a few types of e-bikes that run on power only generated by pedaling. You will have to put lesser efforts into pedaling but they will still count.

How are fat tire e-bikes better?

Fat tires not only make e-bikes multipurpose but also allow a smoother ride. They help you ride on tough terrains like hills, beaches, etc.

Can e-bikes be used for sport riding?

If you aim to do adventurous rides like mountain biking or uphill biking, then you must choose a dedicated e-bike especially made for such rides. Such e-bikes have special features that help them ride over steep inclines and tough terrains.

Speedrid eBike Review – Final thoughts

E-bikes are built for all kinds of riding purposes. However, to ensure proper safety, it is important to buy a sturdy and suitable e-bike. Speedrid e-bikes are modulated with optimized and dedicated features to meet all your riding needs. Alongside, you must practice the best precautionary measures to ensure your safety and bike’s good health.

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