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NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike


NCM Moscow bike is an electric bike which is being highly preferred now by riders in many countries. This is because this e-bike possess many advanced features, like a high voltage battery, sturdy frame, assist power levels, speed customizability, etc, that make mountain biking a better and safe experience.

NCM is one of the brands that have pioneered the e-bike designing field. NCM manufactures the most powerfully promising mountain bikes. Their models are designed with cutting-edge technologies, along with being available at the best prices.

To help you get the best e-bikes for mountain biking, we prepared NCM Moscow Bike Review and compared NCM Moscow vs NCM Moscow Plus.

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 500W – NCM Moscow Plus e-bike 16ah Review

A premium mountain bike rolled out by the company NCM is this 500W Electric bike model. It is a super powerful bike with every part of its design and performance ensuring that you get the safest and best riding experience on rocky uphill terrains.

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 500W


The NCM Moscow Plus mountain bike works on an electrically charged battery. The bike has been very smartly and optimally designed to carry weight up to 257 lbs without feeling bulky.

The matte white/black aluminum frame of the bike imparts its supreme sturdiness and classic looks. It is easier to ride this bike due to the ergonomic VELO grip on its handles.

The Das-kit L7 LCD screen boosts the overall look of the bike. It displays numerous control assist functions on it.

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 500W


The bike gives the best performance with the 48V 500W Das-Kit x15 motor charging it up. The bike also gives longer-lasting rides due to the DEHAWK I5 battery with 768WH capacity. The average mileage of this bike ranges between 30 and 60+ as per the selected assistance level.

The hydraulic brakes and best in class gear-shifts help you get a smooth and controlled ride. The average speed of this bike is 20mph and you can change between the 24-speed level options.

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  • Best ergonomic design with supreme quality parts
  • High capacity Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gives days of riding
  • Sturdy brakes and gears for best control
  • Up to 24-speed change options
  • Speed control features malfunction sometimes

Moscow Electric Mountain Bike – 250w, 48v Battery eBike Review

Moscow Electric Bike

This is another mountain bike by NCM that delivers a performance class-apart. It is a lightweight bike that comes at an affordable price to easily meet the riding needs of everyone.

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike


This bike flaunts a sturdy matte finish white/black frame and parts from the best companies to ensure high durability. The looks become even smarter with the control assist feature-loaded display.

The Das-Kit L7 LCD screen shows the power output and pedal-assist levels for adjustment purposes. The Velo grip adds the touch of ergonomic to the bike.

The NCM Moscow is lighter than the Plus version with similar weight support.

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike


The bike gives a cutting-edge performance at the quoted price. The Das-Kit X15 motor installed in the bike gives a powerful riding experience that lasts for a long time with the DEHAWK I5 battery. There are up to 21-speed levels in this bike that give a faster ride on the hilliest terrains.

Parts like brakes and derailleurs are from Shimano that promote a speedy yet supremely controlled ride. The torque generated by this bike is unmatchable. The mention-worthy feature of this bike is its power-increasing capability at steeper inclines.

  • Best in class performance at an affordable price
  • Powerful torque with speed-customization feature
  • Sturdy and smart looks with a lightweight frame
  • High-capacity battery combined with a powerful motor
  • Overall sturdiness is compromised a bit

NCM Moscow Bike Review – How to Customize Assist Power Levels On NCM Bike

Mountain bikes designed by the company NCM are some of the best pedal electric cycles that are loaded with the most advanced features. All of them ensure that the rider gets the smoothest and safest ride on hilly terrains. One such feature that is catching the most attention is the Customizable Power assist.

The power level of any electric bike describes how fast it can be ridden. In turn, this depends on the motor, battery, and LCD specs of the bike. Sometimes, you may want to change the assist power levels of your NCM bike to get a better suitable ride. NCM bikes come with a detailed display from where you can set up the power levels.

ncm bike moscow review

There are few common ways you can use to customize the assist power levels of your NCM bike. These are:

  • Follow the NCM manual

    For making changes within the provided assist power settings, you can simply follow the NCM guide manual.

  • Adjust the settings

    This involves making changes in the advanced settings of the NCM bike LCD. You can adjust the wheel size and speed limit to adjust the power levels as per the terrain.

  • Use tuning kits

    These kits come with tuning devices that provide additional pedelec push to NCM bikes for a speedier ride.

  • Use a higher power battery and motor

    An efficient motor with a higher voltage battery can help you customize the power levels of electric bikes accordingly. Match the battery with a higher KV rating motor.

  • Manipulating the display

    You can check for codes on the web that can be used to custom set the power levels on the NCM bike display. This involves dealing with the Das-Kit controller firmware, thus, you must practice utmost caution with the steps.

Note: It’s advised to not exceed the power limits of e-bikes as that can prove detrimental to both the bike and the rider.

NCM Moscow Bike Review – Final words

A great e-bike can help you get the most wholesome mountain biking experience. The latter is a risky adventure, so you must have a sturdy and specialized mountain bike that helps you ride safely.

Mountain e-bikes by NCM are a good choice since they have got many advanced features that allow safe and smooth rides. Also, you must practice safety measures at your end too to prevent any mishap.

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