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Munro Electric Bike Review: Vintage Retro Ebike

Munro Electric Bike


SHI PAO Munro Electric Motorcycle, 2 Wheels Classical Style Retro Motorbike
When talking about the future of motorcycles globally, we should talk more about the new wave of motorcycles invading the planet– electric bikes! In just a matter of a few years, there will be high demand for electric bikes over gas motorcycles because of the convenience attached.

Imagine you don’t have to wait at a gas station to fill up your tank, or you have a chance to get rid of the running noise and the fumes produced as a result of combustion in your motorcycle.

About one of the option to join this future we are telling in our Munro Electric Bike Review.

Do you like to ride in style? Munro Electric Motorcycle is here for you! This Electric Bike is built with a lightweight frame and elegant streamline structure made of custom aluminum alloy frame that offers a long-lasting high strength.

Its weight, which is merely about 42kg, increases its rigidity and toughness, making it quite easy to handle freely and enhances the overall riding experience. The high-quality coating and fine polishing alongside the smooth arc also creates a passionate and classic experience altogether.


Munro 2.0 Electric Bike has BLDC High-Tension Magneto, which is placed in a rear wheel. The manufacture of the bike said that they develop the engine, but it is made by Bosch, who provide their electric motors to an extensive range of e-bikes.

The motor has the power of 400w, which is not very high, but enough for such a bike. The rated torque is 14 n.m. at the engine speed 400rpm, and maximum torque is 42n.m., what is a pretty good result.

The efficiency of the motor is 93%, and it is also a great result.
In general, this motor is very simple and tend to be very durable — similar engines used in many other vehicles, or even in RC airplanes.

This motor allows you to drive up to 30mph at second “gear.” In case you use first “gear,” the maximum speed will be about 15mph.


If you watched the video above, you might point that one of the most critical parts in ebikes motors is the controller. In Munro 2.0 the controller is made by STMicroelectronics, which is a world leader in providing such chips. HQ is suited in Switzerland, and it is enough to understand the quality of this controller.

Munro has SMT32 Chip, which is designed to raise the efficiency of the motor by a maximum of 15% and to prolong service life. In addition, it is marked as FOC (Field Oriented Controller), that tell us about the class and the quality of the controller, this feature brings it at the same level as electric cars controllers. The similar controller you can find in Doohan iTank

The Battery

Munro battery looks like no other battery for the ebike. It is stylish, packed in a glossy plastic box, has a useful handle, battery charge indicator. As a bonus – USB slot to connect and charge your mobile phone or whatever.

Munro Electric Bike Battery

The battery can be easily detached for an external charge; all you need is to press a smart key to open the battery cylinder.

Inside the glossy box, there is 18650 Lithium Battery with the 11.6 Ah capacity. The maximum range on a single battery is 30 miles (50 km) on low speed. In case of using two batteries, the range will be up to 60 miles (100 km).

The manufacturer said that the battery lifecycle is about 2000 charges and the charging time from 0 to 100% is 6 hours. We can’t say anything about the lifetime of the battery, but the charging time is honestly about 6 hours.

A nice bonus – with the bike you are going to get a fancy charging station. It looks perfect. You don’t need to hide it in the garage or anywhere else.
By the way, in case your bike is out of energy. You can still keep moving. The bike has an option of pedals, just like a usual bicycle. These pedals come with every Munro eBike. You just need to attach them.

Chassis and Suspension

Munro 2.0 electric bike is very similar to retro style motorcycles or bicycles according to its frame and suspension. It has an aluminum alloy frame and simple spring bumps. Single bump in front and two bumps under the seat. As a plus – all of them are adjustable. During our test, we didn’t feel any stress with them.

In general, the suspension and chassis are elementary, which is actually good for such class of ebike, because it doesn’t need any problematic and expensive maintenance. It works well for road use. And by the way, from my point of view, it the only place to use it.

Munro Ebike

I have to mention here about possible customization. Several dealers have an option to place the order for the bike, especially for you. It allows you to play with colors and chose your combination, which is really great in case you want a unique Munro ebike.

In case your closest dealer don’t provide such option, you can chose from four colors. They are black, red, white and english green. By the way, the quality of paint is great, and the manufacturer is proud of it. The paint and colors are deep and glossy.

Brakes and Tyres

Munro has single disc brake it front and rear wheels. Both brakes are double piston and have 160mm brake disc. Altogether it is the symmetric hydraulic braking system, which works pretty good.

The braking distance from 12mph is about 3 feet on a dry road and less than 5 feet in wet conditions. But still, I would not recommend using Munro in wet conditions in a hard way. The reason for that is tires. They are just classic bicycle tires, which are not designed to drain water very effective.

Although, during preparation of this Munro Electric Bike Review, we didn’t face any dangerous situations related to the brakes.


The backlight is hidden under the seat, what is looks great. It consists of stop light and turns lights. But the most important – it is visible for other drivers.

Also, the overall design of the rear part of this emoped is made in such a way, that the fender reflects the light of a backlight. All together it looks lovely in the dark.

The main light in front is also cool and is an example of brilliant design. There is an intelligent LED headlight, which applies OSRAM lamp light with better penetration. The daytime is a LED spotty circle, which cast a soft and bright light. The high beam and low-high beam lamps are pretty well placed and doing their job in the best way.

Mirrors and Display

I can’t say anything special about the mirrors. They are usually round mirrors which are very common for motorcycles. Placed right, what makes them useful. What is actually important.

LED Display

The better thing is a display. It is fancy as a whole bike. But at the same time, it is very functional. The display is very bright, so it is easy to read even in sunny weather. On a screen, you could find all vital riding information, such as speed, battery charge, lighting, and current “gear’.
To summaries – the display is a beautiful functionality.


The rear feature of many motorcycles and mopeds is security alarm. Munro 2.0 has it. To activate a security alarm, you need to press the button on the remote control. After you will hear the signal and it will mean that the power button on the ebike is deactivated. In case somebody tries to move it, the bike will yell as crazy.

Electronic Remote Control

What comes with the Munro Bike?

In addition to the main package, you will get three boxes. First one has a battery. The second has instruction, keys from the bike, charging station, and all necessary to assemble the bike.

The third box was unexpected and made me surprise. Inside it has pedals, a helmet, and goggles! Yes, helmet and goggles! Other words, in one big package, you get everything to start riding a bike.

The History of Munro 2.0 eBike

The name for bike comes from well-known in a bike world person – Burt Munro. This guy is a legend, who set a speed record in 1967 with his customized Indian bike. This speed record is still unbeaten.

The founder and CEO of Munro Motors, Zack Wong, is a big fan of custom motorcycles which made his own custom classic custom bike several years ago. It was similar to retro style motorcycles, as Indian. Later this bike become a prototype for Munro 2.0.

The first presentation of Munro 2.0 was in 2017, and from that time it gains and gains a lot of popularity over Asia and other parts of the world.

Munro Electric Bike Review – FAQ

Where is Munro 2.0 produced?

Munro 2.0 is made in China by Beijing Munro Electric Vehicle Co.

Does Shi Pao provide high-quality ebike?

This is YES from me. Munro bikes are hand made. That is the reason for its price and extremely high-quality.

What is the speed of Munro ebike?

There are two options for gears. At the lowest, the maximum speed is about 15 mph. At the second gear, the maximum speed is 30 mph. The start is very powerful, even with my weight 198 lbs.

Do you need to assemble Munro 2.0 after purchase?

Yes, it requires some assembling, which is actually very easy. Besides, the manufacturer provides you with all needed and instruction. The assembling will take about 20 minutes and do not require any particular pieces of knowledge.

When I Don’t Need the Electric Assist, Can I Turn It Off?

Yes! You can switch an electric bike to being a regular bike and forth by simply turning on/off the electric power button. The electric-assist is to help augment human effort for easy and stress-free pedaling. Once it is turned on, the motor will supply electric power as you pedal.

Probably you want to save the energy for when going up the hill. This is achieved by turning off the key to shut down the electrical system. It is a fantastic experience to pedal on hilly terrain when it on effortlessly.

But you may want to exercise or need to burn some fat and find the electric assist getting in the way of your aim. This can be quickly sorted out by simply turning it off, and you have a regular bike again. If you have intended not using the electric assist for a long time, it will be wise to remove the motor from the bike to reduce the bike weight.

Munro Electric Bike Review – Final Word

Shi Pao Munro 2.0 is an excellent ebike for everybody. In case you are looking for the electric bike for short rides, you definitely have to think about this option. The quality is excellent. The bike does not require difficult maintenance and very easy to ride.
It is hand made ebike, and it is the reason for its price and high quality of assembling. But you can be sure that every dollar spent worth it.

What do you think about our Munro Electric Bike Review? Please, share!

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