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Doohan iTank EV3 Scooter

doohan itank


Doohan iTank 2.0 is not your regular kind of scooter – one of a kind, I must say. It is something everybody should try out or at least read a Doohan iTank Review! The Doohan iTank 2.0 is considered a low-speed electric vehicle. One of the things that make this electric scooter stand out is the efficient use of power.

Also, it offers a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, which gives your ride an excellent handling and smooth turning even at higher speed rates. Its exclusive 3-wheeled design is ideal for folks looking to ride in luxury.

In the world, Doohan iTank 2.0 is said to be the first luxury 3-wheeled electric scooter that is exceptionally well-built and at the same time priced affordably. It comes in appealing colors and with practical accessories, which makes using it for pleasure, work, or errands easy.


iTank equipped with the 12” BOCSH motor which is placed in the cast aluminum rear wheel rim and designed for heavier passenger load.
The maximum power of the motor is 2350W with the rotating speed up to 550rpm. The maximum torque is 135Nm and gained at 87rpm.

This motor has a very high energy utilization rate, which 88%. That means that the engine is pretty efficient.

Manufacture declare the possibility of climbing on a 15-degree angle, which is 100% true. Actually, according to my experience, iTank could attack more vertical angles.

The motor work under the control of FOC Motor Vector Control Unit (VCU).

Doohan Itank Motor


Other words, the controller, one of the most crucial parts of any electric vehicle, is super cool. It manages the power of the motor, according to occupants and driving style.

FOC – mean Field Oriented Controller. It based on a vector control algorithm with a sinusoidal output signal. To be clear, this controller is very similar to those, which are used in electric cars.

It gives accelerating stability, a response on throttle and as a result – safety. Everyone, who has ever tried to start on motorcycle or scooter fast and aggressive, knows what’ I’m talking about.

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Personal Experience

Over several thousands of miles on iTank, the acceleration was smooth and powerful all the time.

An extra benefit of such a controller is the prolonged life of the battery. The controller cuts off any initial high-power demand that could damage the battery.

Another great feature of the iTank – CANBUS protocol connection. The controller report to the VCU about any errors of the motor-control system. CANBUS connects all electric parts of the iTank into one piece. All sensors, instruments, battery, GPS module, and even mobile phone combined via CANBUS.


Doohan Itank Battery

iTank provided with 18650 battery cells from LG or Panasonic. The weight of the main battery block is 19.8 Lbs or 9 Kg. This block consists of batteries, cells, frame, cover, and Battery Management System chip (BMS).

BMS chip is made by Forsee Power Solutions from France and making the driving experience more safe and stable. Forsee Power Solutions also created the package for battery cells. Battery block is waterproof and protected from any physical impact.

Doohan proudly declares that they brought Tesla innovations to the world of scooters and mopeds. Other words, BMS provide control over each battery cell compared to the dated cluster control of a regular Lithium-Ion battery pack.

The BMS main tasks are:

Information about battery efficiency and charge remaining could found on the digital display or in Doohan App via mobile phone.

Depends on the market, you can find two versions of iTank, single-battery version and Dual-battery version. Both have two battery compartments that can accommodate two removable 60V/26AH Lithium batteries.

Single-battery iTank has 28 miles (45km) range with maximum speed – 15mph (25km/h). Dual-battery version provides you with two options – higher range 45 miles (70 km) with low maxim speed – 15mph, or lower range with speed up to 30mph (50km/h). Another extra battery will give more range.>

These extra batteries connected in parallel and the VCU communicates with each one individually. They can be charged through a single CANBUS port inside the bike or removed and charged off the bike.

By the way, iTank has a reverse gear. Sometimes it is handy at the parking lots near the stores and other places. You have to switch the reverse on to activate it and the loud sound that will let everybody know that you are going backward.

Personal experience

To charge the batteries you have to plug things in the correct order. Otherwise, the BMS get confused. The first thing is you have to open the cover on the charging point. Then you have to plug the charger into the vehicle and only after that; you can plug the charger to the outlet.

The indicator goes green and then it goes red and then that tells you it is charging. Charging period is about six to seven hours. A full charge will cost less than one dollar, and that should get you about 30 miles. Great economy!


Another great feature of Doohan is its chassis. Made from three sections, middle – hard carbon steel, second – front aluminum alloy end, third – aluminum alloy rear fork. Doohan’s chassis has excellent stiffness.

The frame is next to mention, cause all together with chassis they work as one. The frame is very light because made as a monocoque. Inside there is enough space to hold all batteries, two under the seat and the main battery under the step-through tunnel. This put the weight of batteries closer to the ground and makes scooter control much more comfortable.

The frame is robot-welded and powder painted, that means high-quality.

Personal experience

After using iTank during whole winter under the different weather and also, high humidity, it took time to find any corrosion. Finally, I did it. But the only place where I saw it was the plate with a serial number, the place where the metal doesn’t have any treatment.


Front Suspension: Shock w/ Oil Damping
Rear Suspension: Shock w/ Oil Damping
Front Brakes: Dual Disc, Ø 160 mm
Rear Brake: Disc, Ø 190 mm
Front Tire: 80/100-12 x 2
Rear Tire: 120/70-12

The suspension of iTank is one of the most significant benefits for many possible riders. Three wheels are much better than two, consider to the safety.

Up to 85% of accidents with two wheels vehicles concerned to adverse terrain conditions and faults of the driver during turning and braking.

The extra wheel can solve the problem, cause three wheels scooters and mopeds are much more stable. All three wheels provide incredible stability and a comfortable ride in all-terrain conditions.

Doohan Itank Suspension

The front suspension built with the arms from hardest aluminum composite alloy. A double-sided spring-loaded shock absorber holds both wheels in parallel and provides a smooth tilt of the suspension.

To prevent impact shocks in extreme conditions, two vertical hydraulic shock absorbers placed at each end.

Personal experience

Through all covered miles, I didn’t feel any uncomfortable with the suspension. All shocks work as needed. The suspension is power-consuming and responsive. The only thing I would like to change in the future is tires.

Original tires for iTank are CST tires, which are too simple from my point of view. And here comes the problem – the sizes of wheels are not very popular, and it could be tricky to find all tires from one brand.

During my first look on Amazon, I found only Bridgestone tires for Doohan iTank front wheels. And only Pirelli for the rear wheel.

Do you know any other options? Share with us to make our Doohan iTank Review better!


Front Brake: 160mm Rotor Double-Piston Hydraulic Disc
Rare Brake: 190mm Rotor Double-Piston Hydraulic Disc
Braking Fluid: DOT3 or DOT4

Doohan Itank

iTank have good brakes for such scooter and its power. As a bonus compares to two-wheels vehicles, as we already know, it has three wheels and three-disc brakes.

As a result – it is safer than many bikes and scooters. The braking distance is from 2 to 4 meters, depends on road conditions. As I see, it could be lower in case of changing tires. Bridgestone and Pirelli that I found for iTank are much softer and seems to be more efficient than original tires.

To change the tires is the only way to make braking more efficient. There are no options to change braking discs or something else in the braking system. That could be necessary in case of changing the motor to the more powerful 3000w what is possible.

Also I have to mention brake levers, Doohan put to iTank adjustable levers, which usually in common for big moto brands.

By the way, the price for the spare part is standard. At the moment of publishing of this Doohan iTank Review brake pads cost about 50$ and complete front brake about 180$.

iTank Lights

Doohan Itank Lights

The main light has over 8000 lumens on a high beam, which makes night rides possible. Low beam provides enough light to see ahead and to be visible for other drivers during the day time and evening.

The lights made of energy-efficient LED lights, which do not consume much power and brighter than classic halogen lamps.

Also, I have to point out the wide-angle of the front and rear lights. Rear light makes it possible to notice iTank almost from every degree. For us as for drivers, that means safety.

Mirrors and display

Doohan Itank Display

iTank has classic mirrors; they don’t stand out in design but do their job for 100%. Clear view and good location make them very useful.

The display is bright and made in modern design as all scooter. At the same time, you can read on it battery charge and current speed as the most important data. In addition, it shows total mileage, ongoing energy regeneration, and consumption. In case of any problems with iTank, the display will let you know the fault code.

As a result, Doohan iTank has all the necessary features to get on public roads in all countries of the world. In Canada, it is classified as Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM), in the UK it has L1E class. For the States, please check the regulations of your State. You can make it by checking DMV List of your State.


This scooter has either mechanical and electronic protection. Via built-in GPS and your mobile phone, you can check the location of your iTank at every moment. Also, iTank could be locked and unlocked via the application.

The handlebar and battery slots are also locked. For example, to access additional batteries you, first of all, have to insert the ignition key into this lock and turn it. After opening the seat, you will see a little key on a chain. This key opens the access the battery compartments.


Doohan Itank App

As I mentioned before, Doohan has an app that can connect your iTank with your iPhone and provide different information. Yes, unfortunately for this moment Doohan provide an app only for IOS.

In an app, you can get information about the current conditions of the battery, scooter location, and some other handy data.

At this moment, an app is still a bit ‘not finished’ and has space for improvements.

Difference Between Doohan iTank 2.0 vs. iTank 3.0

I have an old version of Doohan of 2017, and as I know at this time, Doohan presented the better version of their electric moped.

As I see, the main difference concerning the possible equipment for different markets and soft setting of the on-board computer.

Doohan Itank

Doohan Add-ons

For iTank, it is possible to buy side panniers and rear cargo box, branded cover, and some protective gear.

During preparing this Doohan iTank Review I found all add-ons only at the dealer shops and don’t know about any unofficial suppliers.

By the way here is Doohan iTank manual.

Doohan iTank Review: FAQ’s

Where is iTank made?

Doohan is a Chinese company and produces its prodaction in China. At the same time, many spare parts are manufactured by different companies. As an example, the motor is made by german Bosch. The battery block with its computer made by french company Forsee Power Solutions. Taiwan company Maxxis provide tires.

What is the maximum speed of Doohan iTank?

Speed depends on motor power and possible computer restrictions. As an example, for the US market, the maximum power of the motor is 1500w and speed is limited by 25mph. At the same time for Asian and Russian market, there is a version with 3000w engine with a maximum speed over 50mph.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

From 0 to 100% it takes about 7 hours. But I should mention that the manufacturer does not recommend to load the battery when less than 20% of charge left.

What is the real range of iTank?

This is the tricky moment because it can run a long way, about 60 miles. But only at low speed, which is not safe from my point of view. With maximum speed, it will run about 30 miles.
You can maximize the range for 10% percent as I did, by discharging the battery to the zero all the time, but it could influence the lifetime of the battery cells. I’m still testing.

Final Word – Doohan iTank Review

iTank is a brilliant electric vehicle for everyone who wants to ride green. Very easy to operate, very safety and cheap in use. I will also point out some Pros from my side.

  • Easily accessible battery compartment
  • Quiet, smooth acceleration
  • It features a reverse button
  • Amazing run-time
  • A stylish, unique look
  • Plenty of uphill torque with an average-sized rider
  • Handles corners with ease due to excellent weight distribution
  • Great night time illumination
  • Quick acceleration with smooth shifts

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